Does Snapchat Allow Third-Party Apps?(Official Rules)

Third-party apps can be a great way to enhance the functionality of Snapchat and make it easier to use, but it has some pretty stringent rules on how users can work with third-party apps. 

Snapchat allows third-party apps as long as they are used through the Snap Kit API. This helps make sure that your privacy is maintained when you use the app. When a third-party app is used outside of the Snap Kit API, it goes against the Snapchat terms of service and will get the account blocked. 

Using third-party apps can make Snapchat more user-friendly and fun. Let’s take a look at which apps are blocked and how to use third-party apps on this site safely. 

Does Snapchat Allow Third-Party Apps?

Snapchat does allow some third-party apps to be used on their site. But users need to be careful about which ones. The list of approved third-party apps is pretty small, and most of them will get you into some trouble, while a few can get you locked out of your account. 

The problem with many third-party apps is that they are not safe to use. They could put your personal information and the personal information of others who follow you at risk. 

Snapchat is not able to follow all the available third-party apps that are out there, so they keep the list of approved options to a minimum. 

As a user of Snapchat, it is up to you to keep track of which apps are allowed from third parties and which ones are not safe. Before using a third-party app, you should consider which ones Snapchat allows and which ones you should avoid for the best options. 

What Third-Party Apps Does Snapchat Allow?

The list of third-party apps that are allowed through Snapchat is limited. The Snap Kit API has changed that a little bit.  This API is designed to allow third-party app developers to have a chance to integrate the Snapchat Stories feature into their own app. 

They will have to use this API in order to do so because it provides some additional security to the process, but it opens the door to more third-party apps to be used. 

The “Story Kit,” which is part of this new update, is able to bring support for developers to build some of the Snapchat Stories integration in their app. 

Developers can then choose to share stories in other third-party apps if they would like, even when the stories were made in Snapchat. 

In the past, only four third-party apps used Story Kit to create the Snapchat Stories. These included Triller, Octi, Squad, and Hily. With the update, though, you will be able to use other third-party platforms. 

They will need to integrate to work with the Snapchat Stories API for this to work. 

What Apps Does Snapchat Not Allow?

Even though there are now a few third-party apps that you are able to use with Snapchat, there are a few apps that need to stay far away from your phone, or you are going to end up getting your account blocked. 

Some third-party apps you are not allowed to use include:

  1. SCOthman
  2. Snapchat++
  3. Phantom
  4. Sneakaboo
  5. SnapTools
  6. Emulator

While these can be downloaded to your phone and used on Snapchat, once the social media site recognizes that those are being used, you can get the account suspended. 

How Does Snapchat Detect Third-Party Apps?

Snapchat has algorithms in place that are able to detect when a user is working with a third-party app in a way that is not intended. If the app is used through the Snap Kit we discussed above, then you will be fine. 

But when the third-party app tries to go around this API, it goes against the Terms of Service for using that site, and eventually, Snapchat is going to find it. 

Users may be able to get away with it for a bit, but they will get caught at some point, especially if they use that app often, and can get kicked off. 

Will Snapchat Ban You For Using Third-Party Apps?

Snapchat can ban you for working with third-party apps.  The terms of service for Snapchat does prohibit the use of these apps because they will compromise the security of the account and other accounts on the site. 

Snapchat will give a warning to most users who have these third-party apps and gives them a chance to take the app off their phones. If the user does not take the app off, they can get the app suspended for 12 hours. 

If they continue to go against the terms of service, they will get their account locked for longer. 

How Do You Use Third-Party Snapchat App Without Getting Locked?

The best way to use a third-party app on Snapchat is to use the Snap Kit API. This helps to check the third-party app and make sure that you are safe while you use it. 

Using any other third-party app, especially one that does not work with that API, can get your account locked.

Snapchat will often give a warning before that happens, but you do need to use caution and just avoid these apps to start with. 

How Do I Get Rid of Third-Party Apps On Snapchat?

Getting rid of third-party apps does not have to be difficult. These steps include:

  • Visit the security section of your device. 
  • Under “Third-party apps with account access,” you will want to select “Manage third-party access. “
  • Select the app or the service that you would like to remove. 
  • Click on Remove Access.

This will help remove the app from Snapchat so you will no longer get in trouble for it being there. It will still be on your phone, though, so you will need to do a few more steps to completely remove it. 

This helps prevent the app from gaining access to your Snapchat account so you do not end up in trouble. 


While third-party apps can offer more functionality when you are using Snapchat, you should be very selective about which apps exactly you use. It’s not that Snapchat is trying to make your life difficult, they simply care about your privacy in the first place and the security of their platform. So proceed with caution!

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