7 Ways To Fix Mobile Data Not Working On Samsung Galaxy S20

Mobile data brings your phone to life, unleashing its endless potential. However, there are some instances where the mobile data just stops working. That’s the last thing you would want with your Samsung Galaxy S20.

How to fix mobile data not working on Samsung Galaxy S20? Force reset your phone. Press and hold the Volume Down and the Power Button simultaneously for 10 seconds. Release the buttons once you see the Samsung logo on the screen. Reset network settings. Go to Settings>General Management>Reset>Reset Network Settings>Reset Settings button>Enter the security lock code>Tap the Reset button.

So, how to fix mobile data not working on Samsung Galaxy S20? The following tried and tested fixes might just be what you need to get your phone back online right away.

Why Is Mobile Data Not Working On Samsung Galaxy S20?

With a premium smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S20, you should not worry much about running into serious technical problems. But lately, some users are reporting that mobile data is not working on their Samsung Galaxy S20.

There can be various reasons for this issue.

  1.   Android 11 update
  2.   Core service failure or crash
  3.   Lack of proper network reception
  4.   Minor firmware issues
  5.   Faulty APN settings

The good news is that it can be fixed without breaking any sweat.

How To Fix Mobile Data Not Working On My Samsung Galaxy S20?

Let’s start with the simplest fix to the problem.

1.Force Restart Your Phone

Almost all the technical issues in your smartphone can be fixed with a simple force restart. It is as simple as that.

Oftentimes, the mobile data stops working due to a system crash or failure. In this case, a forced restart will refresh the memory and reload the system. Here’s how you force restart your phone.

  1.   Press and hold the Volume Down and the Power Button simultaneously for 10 seconds. This combination triggers the forced restart in almost all Android smartphones today.
  2.   Your phone will turn off and power back on automatically.
  3.   Release the buttons once you see the Samsung S20 logo on the screen. The reboot is complete.

Voila! Your mobile data should be working now.

2.Reset your APNs

A faulty Access Point Names (APNs) setting can prevent mobile data access in your phone. APNs provides your phone with necessary settings like IP address and gateways to get you online.

Try resetting your APNs with the information provided by your respective mobile service provider. Here’s how you do it:

  1.   Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > Access Point Names
  2.   Find the APN that you use for your mobile data.
  3.   Tap the menu icon and “Reset to default”

In most cases, your network service provider will provide you with the required settings by default. However, after an Android software update, you might need to enter your APN settings manually to fix the problem.

  1.   Tap the “+” icon that you can see in the APN list screen as mentioned above
  2.   Enter the required APN details for your mobile data network. Please refer to your respective service provider’s website for the authentic APN settings.
  3.   Save the newly created APN, and activate it by selecting it from the list.

3.Rebooting the Right Way

Yes, there is a right way to reboot your phone when you are facing network issues. Consider the following sequence the next time you reboot your Samsung Galaxy S20.

  1.   Turn on the Airplane Mode before rebooting.
  2.   Turn off your phone (Do not restart)
  3.   Wait for a minute before you power on your phone.
  4.   Turn off the Airplane Mode. Enable the mobile data after 30 seconds.

Enabling and disabling the Airplane Mode before and after the reboot allows the phone to refresh the network scan rather than loading with the same network setting.

The mobile data problem should be resolved by now. If you can still not connect to the internet, you might need to reset network settings or even reset your data, which is explained later in this article.

Samsung S20 Mobile Data Not Working After Update, How To Fix It?

While the Android updates are supposed to prevent glitches in the system, the latest Android 11 update seems to be causing mobile data problems in Samsung Galaxy S20.

Try the above-mentioned fixes. If the mobile data is still not working, try the following methods.

4.Choose the Right Network Mode

After an update, your phone might be loaded with default network settings, which might be causing the data connectivity issue. Choosing the right network mode can get you back online.

It also depends on the availability of the network mode and its coverage. You should make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S20 is connected to the network (5G/4G/3G) best suited to your phone.

  1.   Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Preferred network type
  2.   Enable the network mode that offers optimal coverage to your phone

5.Fixing the SIM card

The mobile data issues can be directly linked to the functioning of the SIM card. Removing the SIM card and reinserting it might just solve the problem.

Make sure that you turn off the phone before ejecting the SIM card. Inspect the card closely and look if there is any physical damage to the card.

How Do I Reset Network Settings On Samsung Galaxy S20?

If the problem persists, you can try resetting the network settings on your Samsung Galaxy S20 without risking any loss of files and data.

However, this method deletes the existing network-related settings and reverts them to factory defaults, assuming that some faulty settings might be causing the problem.

6.Reset Network Settings

Here’s how you reset the network settings:

  1.   Go to Settings > General Management
  2.   Tap Reset > Reset network settings
  3.   Tap the Reset settings button
  4.   Enter the security lock code
  5.   Confirm the network reset by tapping the Reset button.

How Do I Reset My Data On My Samsung Galaxy S20?

Almost all mobile data issues are solved by a simple network reset. But if there’s still no luck after following all the fixes, we come to the last resort: Factory Reset.

Make sure that you have created the backup of all the important files because the factory reset will erase everything from your phone.

7.Reset your Data

Proceed with caution:

  1.   Go to Settings > General Management
  2.   Tap Reset
  3.   Tap Factory data reset
  4.   You will see the warning on the screen. Scroll down, and tap the Reset button
  5.   Enter the security lock code
  6.   Tap Delete all.

Your Samsung Galaxy S20 is now as fresh as the one right out from the factory.

Final Words

As a smart owner of the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone, try to find the root cause of the problem. Most of the mobile data connection problems aren’t related to the device at all. Sometimes, the problem lies within the service provider itself.

Talk to the technical support or network operator and see if they can fix the problem with your network.

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