7 Ways To Fix A Samsung Galaxy S8 That Won’t Charge

Today, it has been more than four years since the release of the Galaxy S8 model. Even the most reliable mobile phones begin to show signs of decline in a period this extensive.

How to fix a Samsung Galaxy S8 that won’t charge? Force restart your phone by pressing the volume down button and power button together for 10 seconds, reboot your phone in “safe mode”, use the original undamaged Samsung Galaxy S8 charging adapter/power cables, clean the charging port, power off your phone and try plugging it into a charger.

Many users have complained about a charging bug in Samsung Galaxy S8. This article will discuss the charging issue S8 users face in-depth, along with some suggested solutions.

Why Won’t My Galaxy S8 Charge?

Of all the complaints associated with the Galaxy S8, the most popular one is that the device does not charge anymore. Some users also experience that the device is charging, albeit slowly. With an investment this expensive, you do not want to carry a potentially faulty device. This glitch can occur at any time during your use of the Galaxy S8, but most stores only offer a 7-day return period.

If your mobile phone’s battery runs out and does not recharge, it is as good as a piece of wood. This problem raises many eyebrows due to its alarming nature. A charging issue most likely links with a faulty battery. However, we must not generalize and explore every possibility of locating a fault if we want to fix it.

Possible sources of Faulty Charging for Galaxy S8

  1. Unsuitable charging adapter or charging cables.One possible explanation for slow or faulty charging could be an unsuitable charging adapter or charging cables. Galaxy S8 supports adaptive fast charging; therefore, it may not work with a random charger and cables. Connecting your S8 with its original charger is the most suitable option in this unlikely scenario. If your mobile phone still does not charge properly, you can at least eliminate the possibility of a faulty charger.
  2. Lint or corrosion inside the charging port. Using your mobile phone in windy, dusty, or humid atmospheres for prolonged periods can often result in the accumulation of lint or corrosion inside the charging port. It is common for your contacts to get obstructed. Lint, debris, or corrosion of connectors may hinder proper contact between the connectors. You may use a flashlight to look into the charging port and data cable port to see signs of corrosion and jamming by dust. If you observe these signs, you should clean the ports thoroughly.
  3. Software issues. There is a slim possibility that the problem you are facing is not related to a charging issue. Your mobiles software or firmware can rarely crash, which will give you a black screen. Your phone will not respond to the charger either. Just hold the volume down and power key together for 10 seconds to see if that is the case. Now try recharging again. Even if this attempt is unsuccessful, you can eliminate this possibility.
  4. A third-party application, malware, or virus can also cause this problem to surface. Locating this application is not easy, but there is a way you can eliminate this possibility. By booting your S8 up in safe mode, you are temporarily disabling all applications. This way, if your Galaxy S8 fires up, you will know that the fault lay in one of the applications downloaded on your phone.
  5. Hardware issues. The last possible source of faulty charging is within your hardware. Try to power off your phone and charge again. If your Galaxy S8 is unresponsive and does not even glow the LED indicator, you can conclude that it has run into a hardware problem. The most likely source of hardware is the battery pack.

Once you know the source of faulty charging in your Galaxy S8, fixing it becomes slightly more straightforward. In the following section, we will discover how to fix a Galaxy S8 that does not charge.

How To Fix A Galaxy S8 That Won’t Charge?

Fixing a Galaxy S8 with charging impairment can range from being easy to a tedious task. Fixing might require you to take your Galaxy S8 to a repair center in some cases. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem:

Note: Do not follow all these steps if your phone starts charging correctly at any point.

  1. Force restart your Galaxy S8 by pressing the volume down button and power button together for 10 seconds. Doing this will restart your phone and fix the problem if a glitch caused it. Connect your phone to the charger again.
  2. Try using the original Samsung Galaxy S8 charging adapter and authentic power cables. The Galaxy S8 supports fast charging; therefore, using its charger is highly recommended.
  3. Clean the charging port in your phone and the data cable to ensure clean contact between the connectors. Clean these contacts using alcohol and a soft brush, and be careful not to rub them roughly. To prevent more complications, please try to stay clear of causing unnecessary damage.
  4. Once you have taken all forms of debris out, run a check for moisture. Moisture is as damaging as debris for the charging unit of your mobile phone. If there is moisture in the charging port, you might get a warning sign during charging that says “moisture detected.” Furthermore, open the SIM tray and look through the SIM slot. There is a Liquid Damage Indicator beneath. If this indicator glows any other color apart from white, your phone got exposed to liquid damage. Try drying it up before charging again.
  5. Power off your phone and try plugging it into a charger.
  6. Power your Galaxy S8 back on but in “safe mode.” All other applications will temporarily halt in safe mode. Once your Galaxy S8 is in safe mode, connect it to a charger again and see if it is charging properly. In case it is, locate the application which is causing this issue and uninstall it. Finding this application can be a very tedious process, yet it is imperative to do so. Otherwise, this issue will persist, and possibly, you expose your data to viruses.
  7. It may be wise to bring it back to a repair center to run some diagnostics if the problem persists. We encourage that you back up your data and reset your phone before returning it for service to keep it safe.

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How To Reboot Galaxy S8 In Safe Mode?

We perform this step to check whether the charging issue and an application on your phone are linked. Follow these simple steps to find out how to reboot your Galaxy S8 in safe mode.

  1. Power off your device.
  2. Press the power key and do not release it until the model’s name appears on the screen.
  3. Release the power button when Samsung’s Blue logo appears on your screen.
  4. Press and hold the volume down key immediately after freeing the power button.
  5. Keep pressing the volume key until the restart gets completed.
  6. Press the safe mode option that will emerge in the bottom left of your screen.
  7. Release the volume button when you see the safe mode option on your screen.


The severity of the problem you are facing can depend on how old your Galaxy S8 is. If the warranty is still applicable on your phone, avail of it before encountering more faults in the phone. Despite many people complaining about the charging impairment in Samsung Galaxy S8, it is an excellent mobile phone.

This bug is very much repairable too. If you follow the steps in our simple guideline, you can successfully troubleshoot the charging impairment of the Galaxy S8. Otherwise, you might have to visit a repair center. Rest assured, this is a fixable problem.

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