How To Make Motorola Phone Charge Faster(5 Easy Ways)

Motorola is known for its lightning-fast charging technology. But recently, lots of users have been reporting that their Motorola phone is charging slower than ever. We decided to take a look at this problem on how to make a Motorola phone charge faster.

How to make your Motorola phone charge faster? Plug your phone directly into the power source, get a quick charging cable, don’t use your phone while charging, turn off your phone while charging. Hold the power button until it reboots>plug the phone into a power source with the original Motorola charger>charge up to 100 percent. Keep it charging for at least another hour.

In this article, we will be discussing some tips and tricks that will drastically improve the charging speed of your phone. But first, let’s diagnose the problem.

Why Is My Motorola Phone Charging Slowly?

There may be several reasons causing your Motorola phone to charge slowly. In some cases, it might not be charging at all. Look out for the possible causes of this problem of slow charging.

Weak Power Source

We often use our laptop and phone simultaneously, and it is more convenient for us to charge our phone by just plugging it into the USB port.

But the USB ports are a weaker source of power than the wall socket. Even with the latest USB 3.0, the rate of charging is still painfully slow. It takes almost twice the time to charge your Motorola phone via USB than charging it with the manufacturer’s power adapter.

A Bad Cable or Charging Adapter

Even if you are using the original manufacturer’s charging cable and power adapter, your Motorola phone might be refusing to juice up quickly. In this case, there might be issues with the cable itself.

Overheated Phone

The battery’s health is directly related to its temperature. If your phone is repeatedly heating up, there might be some battery issues that might be affecting the charging speed.

Usage Habits

If you have the habit of using your Motorola phone while charging, you are draining most of its power. Similarly, if several background applications are running at the same time, most of the battery is consumed in powering those processes.

 Charging Port Issues

You take your phone almost everywhere. As a result, it is exposed to dust and debris, which tend to accumulate on the charging port. It may clog the connectors that prevent an adequate flow of the charges which leads to slow charging issues.

How To Make A Motorola Phone Charge Faster?

Fortunately, there are some really quick and effective fixes to make your Motorola phone charge faster. Most of the solutions come with the problems themselves.

  1.   Plug into a power source

The rate of charging is directly affected by the power output of the charger. While charging your Motorola phone via the USB port of the laptop may seem convenient, your battery won’t be happy with it.

When possible, opt for a power source, such as a wall socket with the original charger, to juice up your phone faster.

  1.   Invest in a Quick Charging Cable

If your phone is still charging slowly even after plugging it into the wall socket, try getting a quick charging cable. A high-powered premium charging cable can carry up to four times the amount of power compared to ordinary cables, thus reducing the charging time of your Motorola phone by almost 43 percent.

You won’t regret investing in an original Turbo Power wall charger.

  1.   Stay off your phone while charging

A significant amount of power is consumed by the touchscreen in smartphones. Therefore, if you have the habit of using the phone even while charging, it is going to slow down the charging speed.

Leave the phone alone, and you will see that it will charge faster than before.

  1.   Turn off your phone or switch to Airplane Mode

Turning off your phone while charging prevents any additional power usage by the phone for its functions and connectivity. If you must use any specific apps while charging your phone, then you can try switching to Airplane Mode.

Airplane Mode reduces the energy consumption that would be otherwise used for connectivity. You will see the battery leveling up faster than you expected.

  1.   Perform a Battery Calibration

This is one of the lesser-known fixes to make a Motorola phone charge faster. But this can solve a range of battery-related problems at once, including inconsistent battery level, quick battery drainage, slow or erratic charging speeds, and others.

Follow the following steps to perform a battery calibration in your Motorola phone.

  1. Force reboot your phone. Hold the power button until it reboots.
  2. Plug into a power source with the original Motorola charger
  3. Charge up to 100 percent.
  4. Keep it charging for at least another hour even after getting to 100 percent.

Final Words

With these minor fixes, we ensure that your Motorola phone will charge faster than before. However, it might be a good idea to always have a portable power charger (power bank) in your bag so that you will never have to worry about running out of power.

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