The Blue Light Flashes On The Worcester Boiler: Fix It Today

The flashing blue light on your Worcester boiler indicates an issue with the boiler, and you will find an error code that will tell you what the problem is about or that the boiler is in service mode.

There are five different faults that this blue light can indicate, and knowing which one you are dealing with will help you determine which actions to take.

Keep reading to learn about these different error codes and their meanings, some idea of how to fix the issues your boiler might be having, and how to reset your boiler after the repairs are complete.

Why Is The Blue Light Flashing On The Worcester Boiler?

You may find a flashing blue light on your Worcester boiler that indicates that there is some issue or fault with the boiler.

It’s a safety precaution to let you and any professional you hire fixing the problem know that there is some issue you need to deal with.

There should also be an error code to go with the flashing light to specify the issue or where to locate the fault.

You may still want a professional to inspect your boiler to ensure you don’t miss anything or touch something you shouldn’t.

If you don’t see an error message, the light indicates that the boiler is on “Service Mode.”

It could be because you recently had someone working on the boiler, and they left it on, or you bumped the switch. Switch it off, and the light should turn off as well.

Should The Blue Light On A Worcester Boiler Be On All The Time?

The blue light should not be on all the time, and it indicates an error of some kind, so having the light on means ongoing issues you need to fix.

It can also mean that the boiler is on service mode, limiting its ability to function correctly.

What To Do When The Blue Light Flashes On The Worcester Boiler?

The first thing you need to do is check if there is an error message that companies the flashing light. If there is, you will need to determine what the error code means and how to fix the problem.

Here are some of the codes and what they mean to have a better idea of what repairs your boiler needs.

Error Code EA: Problem With The Gas Supply, Flue Blockage, Or Blocked Condensate Pipe

As you can probably tell, there are several issues that the error code EA can indicate.

You can sometimes get other codes, like error code D5, which will give you more information about what precisely the EA error means.

A faulty gas supply usually means that you need to check any of your gas appliances to see if they work.

If they do, then you know that your gas supply is fine.

If not, you need to contact a Gas Safe engineer to repair the issues.

Error code EA could also indicate that there is a flue blockage.

You should check the flue for damage or blockages and if you find anything, contact a heating engineer to unblock or replace the flue.

You may also want to install a flue guard to prevent debris from blocking the flue in the future.

Error code EA can also mean a blocked condensate pipe, which is also true of error code D5.

The condensate pipe sends wastewater out of the house but can freeze in the winter, causing a blockage.

You can thaw out the pipe yourself by pouring hot water over the pipe, but there is a chance of damaging the pipe.

Error Code CE 207: Low Pressure In The Boiler

All boilers lose pressure over time, but they need to maintain the correct pressure balance to function properly.

Check the pressure gauge, and if it’s below 1 bar, you need to repressurize the system.

Error Code D5: Blockage In The Condensate Pipe

As mentioned above, you are likely getting a blockage in your condensate pipe because the wastewater is freezing in the pipe.

You can pour hot water over the pipe and thaw it, but this could damage it, so be careful.

You may want to contact a professional to thaw the pipe for you to prevent any damage.

Service Mode

When you only have the flashing blue light, the boiler is in service mode.

There are two reasons for this: you recently serviced your boiler, and it is still on service mode, or you may have accidentally flicked the switch yourself.

This switch ensures that the boiler isn’t running while someone is working on it.

Simply turn off service mode, and the light will turn off.

How To Reset Worcestershire Boiler?

There are times when resetting your boiler will get it working again, and other times when it only ignores the issues.

If you have the Error Code EA, it’s best to inspect your boiler for a problem somewhere before resetting it.

You should only reset your boiler when you know there is no issue you need to repair.

If repairs are complete, and you want to reset to get things working again and stop the blue light flashing, all you have to do is press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds.

However, some models of Worcester boilers don’t have a reset button, so you may see a reset light at the end of the temperature dial.

Turn the dial until it reaches the reset light and hold it in place for 3 seconds, then turn the dial back to its original position.

Final Thoughts

If the blue light is flashing on your Worcester boiler, then there is some fault with it.

There should be an error code displayed along with the flashing light to give you a better idea of what precisely the issue is, and you can use that knowledge to make any repairs or provide this information to a professional, so they can fix it.

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