Why Does Samsung Phone Keep Beeping?(+Quick Solutions)

If you have a new (or an old) Samsung smartphone that is beeping uncharacteristically, then read on to find out how to fix this problem. It can be difficult to locate the source of the problem because of the hundreds of features a Samsung smartphone provides.

However, we have tried to be as thorough as possible when describing the solutions to the “beeping” issue.

Why does Your Samsung Phone Keep Beeping?

There can be numerous reasons as to why this keeps happening. It depends on the situation.

If your phone is beeping during a call, that means that the “minute minder” is switched on.

Suppose it is beeping without any reason (after the download of an app), then you would have to see if the system is causing the beeping or one of your apps.  This can be checked by turning on the safe mode.

If the phone is charging and emitting a beeping sound, then it may be a charging sound.

These problems are discussed in the questions below; however, if your phone doesn’t stop beeping after the solutions are implemented, it will likely be a hardware problem.

A hardware problem indicates that an electrical component in the phone is malfunctioning. You would need to have it checked by an expert.

How to Stop Your Samsung Phone from Beeping?

Check out the solutions below. Each one is for a different problem that could be causing the beeping.

Classifying the problem: 

  1. Check if the beeping comes from the pre-installed apps on the phone or some new app that you have downloaded.
  2. To do this, you have to initiate safe mode—long-press the power button to get the power off option.
  3. Long press the power off button to get the safe mode option.
  4. If the phone still makes the beeping sound in safe mode, then there is an issue with the phone’s firmware or the hardware, in which case showing it to an expert is recommended.
  5. If the beeping stops in safe mode, then the fault is in some of the new apps you have downloaded. Carefully check and delete the app that is making the beeping noise. It will probably show in the “recently opened” section in the Android settings of your Samsung phone.


Before you start to delete random apps, make sure to try this simple way first.

  1. Restart the phone by long-pressing the power button.
  2. Press the restart button when the options are displayed on your screen.

Notification Settings:

Check for notification sounds in your settings.

  1. Go to the “Settings” on your device from its menu.
  2. Search for “Notification settings” in the search bar on the “Settings” app.
  3. Check for each app’s notification sound from this display to see if it is turned on for any app.
  4. If it is on for any app, it will give random beeps every time the app displays a notification.
  5. Turn all the notification sounds off if you want. This would resolve the issue if it is not an app that is the problem.

Other Issues: 

Other than some software issues, the phone might have some hardware issues that can be solved without reaching out to an expert.

You can check for a solution by removing the NFC card, the SD card, and the Sim card to see if the beeping continues or not.

This is the final solution after which if the beeping persists, there must be some other issue that cannot be solved from home.

Factory Reset:

Go for this option if all else fails. Make sure to back up any important data on your phone before you reset it, as this method is going to erase everything.

  1. Go to your “Settings” app on the phone.
  2. Search for “Factory reset” and follow the onscreen instructions to successfully reset your phone.

Q&A Section

Why does your phone make a noise but no notification?

Some phones have “Notification reminders” on. This option is going to remind the user that they have unread notifications every few minutes. It is a very annoying function that can be switched off from the settings menu.

Why is your phone beeping while charging?

The phone should beep once when you plug it in and once when you remove it. If it is constantly beeping while on charging, it means it is constantly losing and gaining power. This attributes to a faulty charger or a loose electrical port-to-charger connection.

Try to use a better charger and a different charging cable for a better connection. Otherwise, you can switch off the charging sounds by unchecking the “dock sound” features in the accessory’s settings.

You can also turn it off in the “Other sounds” section.

Why does your phone keep making the charging noise?

The phone keeps losing and gaining power from its charger. Check the solutions under the previous question to solve this issue.

Why does your phone keep making weird noises?

A smartphone has the capabilities to make lots of noises based on the wide range of apps it has. You can go through the list of problems described above to see if the details fit your problem’s description.

Apply the solutions to get rid of those noises. However, if you hear weird noises while you are on call, then it may mean something else. In some cases, it can also mean that someone is tapping your phone.

Do not worry, as that is only true in a few cases. Sometimes, it is because of your data provider and the type of landscape you are in. The problem is real only if it persists.

How to turn off the charging sound on my Samsung?

You need to follow these simple steps to turn off the charging sounds.

  1. Go to the settings on your phone.
  2. Go to the “Advanced” settings and click the “Other sounds” option.
  3. Click the “Charging sounds” option to switch it off.

How to turn off the sound when I plug in my charger?

The charging sounds can easily be turned off by following the steps below:

  1. Find the “Other sounds” setting in your phone settings by either going to the “Advanced” setting option or by searching it in the search bar.
  2. Find the “Charging sound” option and click to turn it off.


The only complicated factor in solving a beeping phone issue is to locate the source of the problem. Since a smartphone is pretty complicated, the problem can come from many different sources.

If you manage to locate the problem using one of the techniques listed above, all you have to do is apply the solutions described in this article.

I’ve been working with technology in one way or the other all my life. After graduating from university, I worked as a sales consultant for Verizon for a few years. Now I am a technical support engineer by day and write articles on my own blog here in my spare time to help others if they have any issues with their devices.