How To Reset Android Phone Without Losing Everything?

 When your phone is acting up and not doing the work that you want, a factory reset may be the next step. But how can you do a factory reset without losing everything?

Check to see if it is possible to reset your Android phone without losing data. Head to the Settings>Backup>Reset>Reset Settings. This will allow you to only reset the settings, not the data. If you have just the Reset Phone option, that will erase all the data. In this case, backup all your files using the cloud services or sync them with your Google account and only then perform a factory reset. You can use Android’s own backup by going to Settings>System>Advanced>Backup. Then go to Settings>System>Advanced>Reset>Delete all data(i.e. factory reset).

Let’s look at the steps you can take to help reset your phone and keep all important information. 

What Does Reset All Settings Do on Android?

When you reset the network settings, it is going to bring back all of the settings related to the network to their original state. This makes your phone act just like it did when you brought it home. This can affect the cellular connections, VPN, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, causing you to need to go back through and fix everything back to the way you like it. 

Will I Lose Data If I Reset My Android Phone?

Users will lose all of their data if they choose to reset their Android phones. The reset is meant to help fix any problems that may be wrong with the phone. In the process, it will delete most of the information on the phone. This includes your phone settings, applications, text messages, call logs, and contacts. 

It is a good idea to back all of this up ahead of time to help protect your data and make sure that it is available later. Assuming that it will still be there after the reset will leave you disappointed. A full backup of your pictures, contacts, and important phone calls will help you to have all that information ready when necessary. 

Will I Lose My Pictures If I Reset My Android Phone?

You will lose all of the pictures on your phone when you do a factory reset. This is because the reset is meant to help restart the phone back to its factory settings. Since none of your pictures were on the phone when you first got it from the store, it makes sense that none of the pictures will be there when you do the reset. 

There are a few options that you can use here.

  1. Add the pictures onto a memory card. You can then take this out while doing the reset and put it back right into the phone and have your pictures right where you need them.
  2. Or you can use a cloud service or another option to back the pictures up on your computer to help you keep the pictures safe without losing them. 

Does Factory Reset Delete Photos/Apps?

The factory reset will delete everything off the phone except for the apps and other items that came with the phone. This means that any pictures you took with the phone and any apps that you add to the phone will be taken off when you decide to do a factory reset. To help protect your information:

  1. Save all of the pictures and videos on a memory card
  2. Consider a cloud-storage backup to help protect the pictures. 
  3. Re-install the apps that you need after the factory reset is done. 

It does take a little bit of time to get your information back onto the phone, but when there is a bug or the phone is not working well, the factory reset can be one of the best ways to help handle this without ruining your phone. 

How Can I Reset My Android Phone Without Losing Everything?

A full factory reset will usually mean that you will wipe all of the data off your fun, giving you a phone that is in the same condition as it was when you purchased it. This is a useful way to troubleshoot the device when it is struggling, but can also cause problems because it will delete all of your data. 

First, check to see if it is possible to reset the Android phone without losing data. The steps for this include:

  1. Head to the Settings, Backup, and then reset. This will let you see the reset settings. 
  2. If you have the Reset Settings option, you can look to see if it allows you to save the photos and more. If it just says “reset phone” then this is not an option for you. 

For most Android phones, you will just need to do a backup of all the important information. Save it to your Gmail account or another backup method, like a memory card, so you know all of your pictures are safe. This is a smart move even when the phone offers backup options while doing the reset. 

Final Thoughts

A factory reset is one of the best ways to troubleshoot a phone and keep your phone working. Make sure to protect your data and prevent the horrible mistake of losing all your pictures and contact information with the steps above!

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