Samsung Galaxy S7 Won’t Charge?Here Is What You Should Do

Is your Samsung Galaxy S7 not charging? Fortunately, we have some really helpful tips for you on how to resolve the problem if your S7 won’t charge. However, we can’t guarantee success for everyone.

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t charge? Replace your charger/adapter, change the outlet you are using, clean the charging port/the USB pin, reboot the device by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power keys. Try the recovery mode bootup. Press the home key along with the volume up key. After this, immediately press the power button. An Android logo will appear, then the menu, select “factory reset”.

There is a chance that your phone could need a professional fix. But before contacting help, give these solutions a try. 

Why Is My Samsung S7 Not Charging When Plugged In?

Charging problems are among the most frequent issues reported by Galaxy S7 users, so it’s not surprising that there have been complaints about this kind of trouble from early adopters of the new flagship device. There are many reasons why your Samsung S7 is not charging when plugged in, and you can fix most of them without any additional support. 

The following can be the most common reasons for your Samsung S7 not charging:

  1. Debris or dirt in the charging port
  2. A malfunctioned socket, charger, cable, or adapter
  3. A software update is needed.
  4. The charging process has been interrupted by third-party apps.

If you have found that there is a problem with your charging plug or your cable needs a replacement, you must buy a new cable.

What Do You Do If Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Won’t Charge?

If your device is refusing to charge altogether or charging slowly, we’ve listed some solutions to diagnose your Samsung Galaxy S7 battery woes and to assist you in fixing the problem.

1. Check The USB Cable And The Charger

Considering the phone is working well but doesn’t charge when plugged in, then the next step you should take is to check the cable and power adapter that connects the charger to the phone.

Inspect the port on the charger and see if you can spot something blocking the cable like lint, dirt, or anything that stops appropriate contact between the receptors. Double-check if there is a bent pin as well. If there is, you should be able to declutter it using a toothpick or a pair of tweezers.

Repeat the same process for the cable to check both ends. In the case of bent pins, if one end connects to the phone, you surely can’t declutter it. So, for that, you must buy a set of Samsung chargers or a new USB cable, which works along with the power adapter. 

If you notice that the cable is broken, replace it by buying a new one. Don’t forget that the power cord is the only one that links up the charger to the phone, so if it’s broken or faulty, the phone won’t charge.

2. Reboot The System

Suppose the charging problems occur unexpectedly without any prominent reason. In this case, there’s the possibility that the system has crashed, especially if the phone has turned off or is not responding even after pressing the power key. 

The safest thing you can do is press the power key and volume down tabs and hold them for 7-10 seconds. If the phone still has sufficient battery left and the problem is with the system, the phone should boot up when you complete the whole procedure successfully. 

Once the rebooting process is complete, the phone should charge properly with the original charger.

3. Boot Your  Phone In the Recovery Mode

  • To boot the phone in the recovery mode, you need to press the volume up the key with the power key.
  • You should also press the volume down key after a couple of seconds.
  • As soon as the Samsung logo loads up, you can release the volume down key, but keep on holding the other keys.
  • A menu will open up; you can use the volume keys to scroll through the menu and use the power button to select the option.
  • Select the “factory reset” button and try this option.
  • Remember, the factory reset will remove all data on the phone.

4. Use A Different Cable Or Charger

If your friend or family member uses the same phone, borrow their charger and see if the phone charges. If it’s working fine, then there’s an issue with your charger. Buy a new one. Still, if your phone doesn’t charge, it might be possible that the phone or battery has a severe problem.

5. Check The USB Port

When you have completed the forced reboot and inspected both the cable and the charger, yet the phone is still unresponsive, it’s better to check the utility port. Notice if there is any debris or lint inside that blocks the cable from connecting to the receptors. If there’s no debris, then try the next solution. 

6. Use A Wireless Charger

Before you finalize sending the phone to a professional, try using a wireless charger to see if it responds to current via a different medium. If so, there’s a possibility that the phone’s USB port is faulty, and there’s no hardware or battery problem. 

If the phone won’t charge even with a wireless charger, take it to a technician and let him rectify it.

Hold Your Phone At Different Angles While Charging

Try to hold your phone at different angles after plugging in the device to see if it charges. Try to move the end of the port connected to the phone. If you see the phone is charging at various times, then it’s loose contact causing your issues. You can’t fix it; let the technician do their job.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Won’t Charge And Keeps Vibrating

The very first thing you have to do in this situation is ensuring that the phone has enough battery to turn off and follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

  1. Remove any debris, dirt, or lint from the charging port of the phone. Make sure the port is completely decluttered.
  2. Charge your phone for 15-20 minutes with a wall charger and charging cable that has been proven to work when connected to another phone.
  3. If the phone doesn’t respond, charge it from a computer USB port. 

Perform a forced reboot after charging the phone. If the forced rebooting doesn’t work, bring your Samsung Galaxy S7 to a professional technician and have it checked.


It is crucial that your Samsung Galaxy is charging properly because you will not be able to use it if the battery drains completely. Complaints about battery life are common. No one wants a brand new phone that won’t charge. In regards to the Galaxy S7, some users have said that their phones are not charging correctly, and some have said the charging time is prolonged. 

We all rely on our phones for business, meetings, important updates, and to connect to our friends, colleagues, and family. When they stop working, it can not only be inconvenient, but annoying and genuinely disruptive. We hope this article helped you to solve the issue,

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