How To Fix A Bosch Dishwasher That Is Running Too Long?

Dishwashers running for too long is a common problem, so you don’t have to be overly concerned.

But, you do need to resolve the issue before it becomes too problematic.

There are several solutions to the problem which depend on identifying the problem first.

We have the insights that will help you identify the problem and resolve it so your Bosch dishwasher functions as it should. 

Why Is My Bosch Dishwasher Not Stopping?

There are several reasons why your Bosch dishwasher may be running for too long. These are:

  • The heating element of the dishwasher is no longer working. During the wash and rinse cycle, the element works to heat the water. But, if it fails to get it to the required temperature, the cycle continues for longer, lasting hours at times. 
  • A clog in the water inlet results in the dishwasher having less water available for the wash. The dishwasher will run for several hours to complete the cycle because there would be a lack of water for it to complete cleaning the dishes properly. 
  • Issues with the control board may result in the dishwasher’s cycle running for longer due to your commands not being communicated properly. 
  • Issues with the timer, if the timer is not working, then it may result in longer cycles. 

In order to fix the issues mentioned above, you need to identify which one is the cause for your Bosch dishwasher running too long.

Only then, will you be able to find the right solution. 

You can also reset your dishwasher to fix the issue.

We have a detailed guide on how to do that below.

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How to Fix Your Bosch Dishwasher That Runs Too Long?

Fixing a Bosch dishwasher that runs long is not an easy process.

You need to inspect the dishwasher first, so you can understand the problem. 

  1. The first place to look is the heating element of the dishwasher. Make sure it isn’t burnt out. If it is, then you will need to replace it with a new one. 
  2. If the heating element is fine, then look at the water inlet pipe. Clean it out and make sure there are no clogs. If the pipe is clog-free, then you can check the control board. 
  3. When inspecting the control board, make sure all the wires are intact and all the buttons function as they should. Any issue with it would require a replacement control board. 
  4. Finally, check the timer to make sure it functions. Otherwise, you can replace it. 

If you aren’t comfortable inspecting and replacing the parts yourself, you can ask an electrician or dishwasher technician to do it for you. 

Bosch Dishwasher Pump Runs With The Door Open

When this happens, it usually means your dishwasher has gone into “flood mode”.

Water has seeped through into the base pan of the dishwasher and results in it staying in drain mode. To drain the water out:

  1. Unplug the dishwasher and take the screws that keep it in place. 
  2. Move it out of place enough, so you can tilt it forward about 45 degrees. Make sure to put a towel or pan out to collect the water. 
  3. The water should drain from the base pan. 
  4. Reinstall the dishwasher and screw it back into place. 

The pump should no longer run continuously, and you should be able to use your dishwasher again. 

Bosch Dishwasher Keeps Running Until 1 Minute Left

Usually, if your dishwasher stops with 1 minute left, it means one or the other component is blocked or fails to perform its task.

You can check the following:

  • Water inlet valve and its filter.
  • Water supply.
  • Water inlet hose for kinks.
  • Water filters.

Make sure that all of these are in working condition.

The filter should be clean and there should be no clogs in the valve or hose. Water should be able to move freely without a problem. 

Final Thoughts

Bosch Dishwashers are generally reliable.

But like all appliances, you will likely face issues with it. Identifying the cause is important to pick the right solution.

You can follow our guide if your dishwasher runs too long or the pump runs even when the dishwasher door is open.

If you still have trouble, then you should consult with a technician to resolve the problem.

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