How To Fix A Samsung Galaxy S8 That Won’t Turn On?(4 Fixes)

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 plus were flagships devices when they were released back in 2017. The S8 is a well-functioning phone with good specifications.

How to fix a Samsung Galaxy S8 that won’t turn on? Power cycle your device by pressing and holding the power button for 10-15 seconds. Next, try to soft reset, press the volume down, and power key together for ten seconds. The last thing to try is recovery mode bootup. Press the home key along with the volume up key. After this, immediately press the power button. An Android logo will appear if the recovery mode is accessed.

However, recently many users have raised a concern regarding the phone. For some users, the S8 has developed an issue of not turning on after it has been switched off. This article aims to alleviate this concern by explaining some common causes and fixes for this issue!

Why Won’t Samsung Galaxy S8 Turn On?

It’s not the first time that a Samsung device is giving power-up issues to its users after a couple of years of using it. In fact, we observed a similar issue in the previous flagship from Samsung as well! Since the device uses complicated tech mechanisms that work with each other, the problem could be in any one of them. Therefore, it is very difficult to pinpoint the reason for this issue. However, this section discusses some probable reasons why the S8 does not turn on for a few users.

  • A lack of charging, not pressing the power button correctly, or other such logistical reasons may very well be the cause for this issue. Even new devices can have the charging issue since they are lightly charged in the Samsung factories. They could lose their charge during the time the device makes its way to you. So, just to be on the safe side and exclude all other causes, you should charge your phone for a couple of hours with the original Samsung charger. If it still does not work, you can move on to the other causes in this section.
  • The phone may not be able to turn itself on due to a system hindrance. In premium and cheaper Android phones, this issue is pretty common. The phone’s firmware may crash out of the blue and would cause this system failure. In effect, your phone would not be able to turn itself on. In older phones, this problem could be fixed by removing the battery from the phone for some time. However, since the S8 does not have a removable battery, there are other ways to fix this issue. You can learn about the possible fixes in the next section; so, let’s move on to more probable causes for this issue.
  • Another possibility with this issue could be a fault in the charger or the charging port. If the phone is not picking up any charge, it means that the battery cannot power it up. This issue can be observed from the charging LED that is visible when the phone is charging. If the LED is not showing, you could try a different charger and a different outlet. However, if the issue persists, then there are no real workarounds for this problem; you will have to take it back to the shop or a Samsung service center.
  • Many of the cases reported to us by S8 users started after a software update. Therefore, a software issue might also cause the power-up issue on the S8. Small glitches after each update may cause one of the components in the code of the software to malfunction. The company usually resolves these bugs through a security patch. However, until the patch is released, the users are in huge jeopardy. You do not have to worry, though, since all the solutions for such problems are discussed in the next section.

How To Fix A Samsung Galaxy S8 That Won’t Turn On?

The list of causes in the section above is not exhaustive because of all the complications explained previously. However, the list of fixes in this section aims to alleviate all problems regarding this issue, even if they are caused by something not discussed in the list above.

Follow the solutions down below in ascending order. The easier and less intense solutions are discussed first so that you apply them. Only move on to the hardcore solutions if your phone does not respond to the easier solutions.

1.Charging Port

Connect your phone to the Samsung official charger for at least an hour, even if the LED is not lighting up. The LED usually takes a couple of minutes to light up if the phone has a really low battery. Confirm that your outlet and the charger are both working. If the phone does not respond to this method, then you can go to the second solution.

2.Soft Reset Procedure 

This procedure aims to resolve the firmware crashing issue. You must follow the steps given below in order to attempt a reset procedure.

  1. Press the volume down and power key together for ten seconds. Make sure to hold both keys firmly and not lift your fingers until the phone responds (usually about 15 seconds).
  2. If it wasn’t a firmware issue, the phone would respond. If the issue lies elsewhere, you must attempt something else.
  3. If the phone responds yet there are still some minor glitches; then you must have it check out by a Samsung service center.

3.Safe Mode Boot Up

A safe mode disables few features of the phone for safety purposes. You can try to access the phone in this mode if you are facing this issue. If the issue is caused by one of the components switched off in a safe mode boot up, then the safe mode is likely to power up your phone. Follow the steps below to implement this solution.

  1. Press the power button for a minute. Keep it pressed even if you see the device name.
  2. Release the button once the company logo appears on the screen.
  3. Immediately press the volume down key! Keep it pressed until the safe mode has been successfully initiated.
  4. In this safe mode, uninstall recent updates or apps that may be causing the start-up glitch for your phone. This means you should delete any recent apps you downloaded.

4.Recovery Mode Boot Up

If the phone will not start up in recovery mode, it means it has faulty hardware. This is the last possible solution before sending the phone to the seller/Samsung Service center.

These steps w2ill allow you to enter recovery mode. If it is not accessed, you should get the phone checked out.

  1. Press the home key along with the volume up key. After this, you must immediately press the power button.
  2. An Android logo will appear if the recovery mode is accessed.

You can recover your phone to a previous version of its software in this mode.


Knowing your phone will only make you a better user as you would be able to solve all its issues on the spot. We have tried to explain all the vital solutions for the power-up problem; however, you should probably have a professional look at it if it still does not work.

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