How Long Does It Take For A Phone To Be Shipped?

Are you thinking of buying a new phone? Wondering how long phone carriers and manufacturers take to ship and deliver phones?

Well, in general, you can expect the phones to be shipped within a day or two of your purchase.

But it varies for some carriers and companies. To help you decide whether the shipping and delivery time frame is right for you, we have insights that will help you make your decision. 

Shipping Timings With Popular Phone Companies

We did the research and found that most companies ship their phones within a day of purchase. We have the breakdown for each company for you, so you know what to expect when you buy a phone from them. 


Apple offers its customers different options for delivery. However, it doesn’t always apply to iPhones since they tend to be out of stock and you don’t get them until they are back in stock.

If you do manage to order a phone in stock, you have the following shipping options:

  • Two-hour delivery: This is only for individuals living in metropolitan cities, apple sends the phone through the courier immediately so you have it within two hours.
  • Next-day delivery – This is applicable to iPhones that are in stock, they are shipped overnight as long as you place an order on a business day and you receive it the next day.  


The shipping time of AT&T phones varies as the phone is shipped within 1 to 2 business days after the order is completed.

The delivery time varies from 3 to 7 business days depending on the location of the delivery. You can opt for expedited shipping which usually results in you receiving the phone within 3 days. 


For mobiles that are in stock, T-mobile offers 2-day shipping.

For orders placed during the week, Monday-Friday, you can expect to get your phone within 2 business days. T-mobile does not offer weekend deliveries at the moment. 


Sprint has been bought out by T-mobile so you can expect the same shipping time for phones from the two cellular networks. 


Verizon offers two main shipping options for phones, 2-day shipping, and Overnight shipping. The former is usually free while you have to pay additional for the latter.

But keep in mind that these are only applicable for phones that are in stock. Out of stock phones will take longer, the website or store will let you know exactly how long. 

Under 2-day shipping, you can expect the phone to be shipped within a business day of your purchase as long as you complete the purchase Monday-Friday before 8 PM. You will receive the phone within 2 business days. 

Overnight shipping orders placed Monday-Friday before 10 PM are shipped within a few hours of purchase so you get them the next business day. 

How Long Does Preparing For Shipping Take?

The preparation time varies from carrier to carrier and depends on whether you opt for normal or expedited shipping.

The preparation time doesn’t usually take too long in either case, since the phone is already packed and needs to be transferred to a box before it is shipped.

However, with expedited orders, they usually prep it within a few hours after the order is placed. So, they can ensure that it reaches the buyer in time. 

Do Phone Companies Ship On Weekends?

Some phone companies offer weekend delivery and shipping to customers.

For example, Verizon offers a Saturday delivery, which is similar to Next-day delivery when a phone is purchased on Friday.

You won’t find too many companies delivering phones purchased on Saturday or Sunday delivered until the next business day, even if you opt for expedited delivery. 

Do Phone Companies Have Same-Day Shipping?

Unless you purchase the phone directly from Apple, you won’t find a phone company offering you same-day delivery.

The fastest you can get it is the next day with overnight delivery offered by most of the companies. You also have the option for in-store pick up which you can get for free on the same day you purchase a product.

But there is no shipping involved in that.  

How Do I Know If My Phone Has Been Shipped?

All phone companies provide a tracking code with every order that is placed.

You can track your order to know exactly when it is shipped. Some companies even give you the option to get updates via text, so you can sign up for that if you like. 

Final Thought

We know how difficult it can be to wait for a new phone. Therefore, it is important that you know the expected shipping and delivery times of various phone carriers, so you can pick the one that won’t make you wait too long.

Our guide provides you with the information you need just in time for you to buy a new phone for the holidays. 

I’ve been working with technology in one way or the other all my life. After graduating from university, I worked as a sales consultant for Verizon for a few years. Now I am a technical support engineer by day and write articles on my own blog here in my spare time to help others if they have any issues with their devices.