How To Easily Remove Scratches From Fitbit Screen?

Since you wear the Fitbit watch daily and to places like the gym, it is prone to scratches.

One of the biggest concerns with Fitbit and other smartwatches is how to get rid of minor scratches, since they ruin the appeal of the watch.

The simplest way to get rid of Fitbit scratches would be to spread toothpaste over the screen and wipe it with a damp cloth.

We have insights on how you can protect your Fitbit from scratches, as well as how you can get rid of scratches.

Do Fitbit Screen Scratch Easily?

Fitbit watches are not completely scratch-resistant.

Some of the newer models come with improved glass, which makes them more durable, but doesn’t mean you can’t get scratches on them.

The best way to protect your watch from scratches is to protect the screen with a screen protector.

You can find tons of options with different levels of protection in the market.

Just make sure the protector you get is compatible with the specific Fitbit you have.

Since different models come with different screen sizes, you need to get a protector that is designed specifically for the watch you have. 

Does Fitbit Warranty Cover Scratches?

Unfortunately, Fitbit’s warranty does not cover scratches.

Like all manufacturers, the warranty does not cover damages that are due to misuse at the user’s end.

Scratches don’t just happen on their own, it’s usually due to carelessness at the user’s end.

So, don’t expect Fitbit to replace the watch’s screen or the watch because you have a few scratches on it. 

Can You Fix Scratches On A Fitbit Screen?

Since you wear your Fitbit throughout the day, you are bound to get scratches on it.

Scratches make the watch appear old and worn. This is why many people want to get rid of them.

The simplest way to do that, without causing any harm to your watch, is as follows:

  1. Take off the smartwatch. Locate the scratches on it, as long as they are on the screen and not near the power button, you can move forward.
  2. Grab your toothpaste tube, make sure it is a non-gel toothpaste.
  3. Squeeze a little toothpaste onto your fingertip. 
  4. Using a swirling motion, apply the toothpaste to the screen of the watch. Gently massage it into the scratches. 
  5. Using a wipe or damp towel, wipe off the toothpaste.

Your watch should be scratch-free.

This particular method works with light scratches.

If you have deep scratches that are engraved into the screen or cracks, you will need to have the screen replaced. 

Can You Replace A Fitbit Screen?

A cracked Fitbit screen makes it difficult for you to operate the watch. The only solution is to replace the screen or get a new watch. 

For screen replacement, you have two options:

  1. Contact Fitbit customer support and have them replace the screen.
  2. Replace the screen yourself.

We recommend going with the first of the two options.

If you mess up during the replacement process, you can damage your watch further and possibly to the point where it can’t be fixed.

But, if you still feel you want to attempt to replace the screen yourself, you can follow the steps below:

To do this, you will need a replacement screen, iSesamo Opening tool, iOpener, ESD Safe Tweezers, and Spudger.

All items can be purchased on Amazon. 

  1. Power down the watch and remove the band from each side.
  2. Gently heat the iOpener then apply it to the screen.
  3. Keep it on the screen for two minutes, so it loosens up.
  4. Place the iSesamo in the gap between the screen and watch assembly in the top right corner and slide it along the edge to the bottom right corner.
  5. Now, slide the iSesamo from the bottom right to the bottom left corner and then to the top left corner.
  6. Do this, until you’ve covered all four sides of the screen.
  7. Slide the iSesamo back into the right top corner and twist it sideways a bit, so you unhinge the clips that secure the screen in place.
  8. Repeat the same in the left top corner and the two bottom corners. 
  9. There should now be a bigger gap between the screen and watch assembly.
  10. Insert the Spudger in the gap and gently push it down, so it dismounts the screen. 
  11. You can now gently take the screen off the screen, but it is still attached to the watch with a connector.
  12. Use tweezers to remove the connector, and you can remove the screen completely. 
  13. Take the new screen out and connect it via the connector in the same slot you took the connector out.
  14. Align the screen, so the screen pins are in line with the sockets they go in.
  15. Gently press it down so it locks into place.

Final Thought

While the Fitbit warranty doesn’t cover scratches, getting rid of minor ones is a fairly simple process.

For major scratches and cracks, you have no option but to replace the screen.

Ideally, you want to take the watch to Fitbit support to have it replaced.

If you do opt to replace the screen yourself, make sure you follow the steps above and be gentle throughout the process.

You can severely damage the watch if you don’t. 

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