What To Do If Your Motorola Won’t Charge?(4 Solutions)

The battery-related problems may occur now and then with smartphones. If you have been there with your Motorola phone, we understand your situation.

What to do if your Motorola Phone Won’t charge? Turn off your phone while charging, check if your charging cable and adapter aren’t damaged, try plugging your phone charger into a different outlet. Perform a forced reset. Press and hold the Power key and Volume Down button simultaneously for about 30 seconds, choose the Normal Reboot option, then connect your phone to the charger.

That’s why we decided to do some research. If your Motorola phone won’t charge, look no further. We have come up with some cool and easy fixes to your charging issues.

Why Is My Phone Not Charging?

The solution to every problem starts with its proper diagnosis, and your Motorola phone is not an exception. Let’s try to demystify the reasons behind your Motorola phone not charging.

Fully Drained Battery

If you have the habit of frequently using your Motorola phone until it dries out, you have got a fully drained battery.

Like other smartphones today, Motorola phones are powered by Li-Ion batteries that use capacitors to store electrical energy. It requires a bare minimum charge to initiate the process itself. That’s why your phone won’t respond to the normal charging cycle once it is fully discharged.

Broken Charger

Your phone might not be getting any power because of a broken charging cable or adapter. Damages in charging cables and adapters are a common occurrence these days.

If you are careless about how you wrap and pack your cables, they might have already been broken.

Bad Charging Port

You checked your USB cable and the adapter and it works fine with other phones. Then the problem may be with the charging port of your device.

A bad charging port prevents the flow of energy to the battery. Depending on your usage, dust and debris might accumulate in the port, and corrosion or bent pins might be causing the charging problems.

System Crash

A system crash would leave your phone unresponsive that won’t even respond to the charging process. It might be a minor firmware issue that can be fixed with a forced restart without losing any files or data.

Issues with Power Source

So now that you have checked everything and your phone is still not charging, maybe the issue is not with your phone or charging cable at all, but rather with the power source.

Of course, a wall socket is a preferred method of charging your phone. But when there is no juice left in your battery and the wall adapter can’t bring it to life, trying another socket or even the computer’s USB port might just work.

Here’s What You Should Do If Your Motorola Won’t Charge

If your Motorola won’t charge, try fixing it with simpler solutions at first that you can do yourself at home.

1.Turn Off Your Phone and Charge

Try charging your phone by turning it off. If you are using the phone while charging it, you might be using more power than your phone is gaining. As a result, it looks like your phone is not charging at all.

If you do not want to turn it off completely, at least try switching to airplane mode as it significantly reduces the power consumption required for network connectivity.

2.Perform a Forced Restart

If your Motorola phone is unresponsive to normal charging, there might be some software glitches or firmware issues. In this case, you should perform a forced restart, without risking the loss of any data or file.

Here’s how you force restart your Motorola phone safely and effectively.

  1.   Press and hold the Power key and Volume Down button simultaneously for about 30 seconds.
  2.   Your phone will restart. Choose the Normal Reboot option.
  3.   Connect your phone to the charger.

If your phone is still not charging, try the same sequence again, but this time with your phone plugged into the charger from the beginning.

3.Check Your Charging Cable and Adapter

Make sure that your charging cable and adapter are working fine. Try plugging it into other compatible smartphones and see if they charge normally.

If the problem is with the cable and adapter, consider buying a new set from a reliable vendor. Go for the original Motorola charging cable and adapter if possible. It’s worth the investment.

4.Plug into Alternative Power Source

Smartphone batteries are strange. Sometimes they stop responding to a certain power source, and your phone won’t charge.

Try plugging your phone into an alternative power source. This is a common occurrence with a fully discharged battery that won’t respond to the AC power supply from the wall socket because the capacitor is below its threshold level that just won’t power up.

Alternatively, connecting it to the DC supply, like the USB port, will resurrect the capacitor to its working level so that your phone charges normally.

Final Words

Normal charging problems should be fixed by now. But if your phone is still not charging, you should consider professional help.

A word of advice: Never let your battery go below 10 percent. If you are repeatedly putting pressure on your phone by draining it completely, it might just stop working at all.

I’ve been working with technology in one way or the other all my life. After graduating from university, I worked as a sales consultant for Verizon for a few years. Now I am a technical support engineer by day and write articles on my own blog here in my spare time to help others if they have any issues with their devices.