How To Easily Scroll To The Top Of Messages On Android?

With Android being a favorite platform of many across the world, the platform continues to evolve, both in aesthetic appeal, software offerings, and ease of use.

How to scroll to the top of the messages on Android? Use the apps. Install the One-Click Scroll and enable it through your “Setting,” the application creates two scroll triggers on the top left/the top right of your screen. Tapping the top left trigger will bring you to the top of your page, and tapping the top right trigger will pull your page down to the bottom. 

One issue still persists – how to navigate up and down long lines of messages without manually flicking up and down thousands of messages. However, fear not, apps are the solution to this issue. 

How to Scroll to the Top of Messages on Android?

For those who are using Samsung’s S3, TouchWiz is something that is included if you are operating Android 4.3. Double tapping the very top of your device will take you back to the top of the page. 

There are applications that can assist you in scrolling up and down your messages on Android. These applications are usually free and have been designed to tackle the issue of scoring through scores of messages on Android devices. 

One example of these applications is called One Click Scroll. After installing the application and enabling it through your “Setting,” the application creates two scroll triggers on the top left and the top right of your screen.

Tapping the top left trigger will bring you to the top of your page, and tapping the top right trigger will pull your page down to the bottom. 

How Do You Get to the Beginning of a Text Conversation on Android?

If your aim is not to specifically go to the top of the screen but to the beginning of a specific conversation, there are other ways to go about that as well. 

If you’re looking to get to the beginning of a text conversation, you’ll want to start by opening up the Messages application. 

After tapping “Start chat” and putting in the name or phone name of the person you want to start talking to, simply type in the message that you want to send. The application will do the rest of the work and send you to the beginning of a text conversation.

How Do You Scroll to the Top Fast on Android?

Depending on your device and what application you are using, there are different shortcuts that can work to reduce the time that you spend scrolling. If you are using a Samsung device, utilizing the floating button on the bottom center will bring you back to the top of the screen. 

Chrome supports applications that will perform similar functions. Similar to One Click Scroll, other applications offer a quick scroll function after simply downloading and installing their application. 

One of these applications is called Scroll to Top, available through the Chrome Web Store. It promises a plug-and-play solution to the constant issue of scrolling and down on an Android device. 

The application allows users to scroll up to the top by simply left-clicking and down to the bottom by right-clicking. A click in the middle will revert to whatever screen you were on before. 

Is There a Way to Get to the Beginning of a Text Conversation?

With the vast number of developed applications available and the common issue of scrolling that all Android users seem to share, locating and installing an application that best fits your needs seems to be the best solution.

Google Android Messages application is one of the best applications for organizing text conversations available to Android. It also makes returning to the top of the text conversation relatively straightforward. 

Although it’s not quite as easy as applying another app such as Scroll to Top, it’s an intuitive program that makes it easy to find your place in your messages and navigate easily, even if you have thousands of messages to sort through. 

How Do I Get My Android to Scroll Automatically?

Just like scrolling to the top of the page, there are also dozens of applications that offer automatic scrolling functionality to Android users. 

Kinetic Scroll is one such app. After installation, activating automatic scrolling is as simple as flicking in the desired direction with two fingers, upon which the scroll will begin. Simply touching the screen at any point, in any location, will also stop the scroll in place. 

Automatic Scroll is another application available on Google Play that offers similar functionality. As a bonus, you’re also able to jump to the top or bottom of pages by using this application. 

Lastly, Easy Scroll is an application recommended for its ease of use. It also offers automatic scrolling, just as Kinetic Scroll and Automatic Scroll. It seems almost too simple of a solution, but sometimes simple is the best answer. 


With dozens of applications addressing the very issue in question, finding one that works for you and is intuitive in terms of use is perhaps the best way to address the issue of how to scroll through your many messages on an Android device.

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