8 Easy Ways To Fix A Motorola That Won’t Turn On

Have a phone that will not turn on and behave for you? When your Motorola phone gives you a blank screen, you may wonder what steps you can take to fix it and get it turned on. 

How to fix a Motorola that won’t turn on? Factory reset your phone. Go into recovery mode by pressing and holding the power and volume down buttons until you see the black screen, select “recovery mode”, press the power button. Hold the power button for 2 seconds, then press the volume up button, select the “factory reset” setting.

Why Is My Motorola Not Turning On?

There are a number of reasons that your Motorola phone is not turning on. The root cause of this problem is going to help determine how you can fix it. Some of the most common issues with your Motorola not turning on includes:

  • Drained battery: When the battery is dead, the phone will not turn on. Check that the charging cable is working well and give the phone a minimum of half an hour to recharge before trying again. 
  • Broken power button: Sometimes, the power button is not going to work any longer. This may be a component that you need to get fixed. 
  • Software glitch: There are different types of software that can cause problems in the phone if they do not work well. Restarting the phone or removing some of the software could help. 
  • Software malfunction: A software glitch is often just a small problem that will simply need you to restart the phone, and it gets better. A software malfunction can cause even more serious issues and require you to take a few extra steps to get it done. 
  • Fully discharged battery: If the battery is fully discharged, then just plugging it into the charger is not going to be enough to take care of it. 

Usually, the issue with your Motorola not starting is simple, such as a drained battery that will need to be recharged. In other cases, you will need to do some more work and a whole reset on the phone to get it to work. 

How To Fix A Motorola That Won’t Turn On?

Now that you know why your Motorola is not turning on, it is time to do some troubleshooting and get that phone up and working. Some of the steps you can use to fix your phone and get it to turn on include:

1. Reboot Your Device

Go into recovery mode by pressing and holding the power and volume down buttons until you see the black screen. Press and hold the power button and the volume up buttons for a few seconds. The black recovery mode window will appear. Choose the “reboot system now” option, press the power button, your device will restart.

2. Factory Reset Your Device

Go into recovery mode by pressing and holding the power and volume down buttons until you see the black screen, select “recovery mode”, press the power button. Hold the power button for 2 seconds, then press the volume up button, select the “factory reset” setting.

3. Force Restart

Press and hold the power button and the volume down button till you see the black screen. Choose the “start” option by pressing the power button.

4. Drained Battery

If the battery is not working on your phone, it will die out and will not be able to start. You need to charge the phone before you try anything else. To do this:

  • Check out the charging cable. Make sure that it is in good shape and can do the charging. 
  • Hook into the phone and let it charge for half an hour or more. 
  • Hold down the POWER button to reboot the phone and get it turned on again.

Many times, the issue is just a dead phone. Recharging it for a bit will help fix this issue and get the phone up and running again. 

5. Broken Power Button

When the power button is to blame,  you can try the following steps to help get it working again. 

  • Press down on the power button for 10 seconds. 
  • If the phone hasn’t turned on, unplug from the charging cable. 
  • Hold onto the volume down button and then plug the phone back into the charger. Release the volume button. 
  • A menu should appear. Use the volume buttons to find START. 
  • Press on the power button to get the phone rebooted.

This can help to get the phone back on but may not solve the broken power button. You may need to get this part fixed on the phone. 

6. Software Glitch

If you do a simple charge on the phone and it does not seem to respond to that either, it is time to do a reset. This can help catch some of the software glitch issues and will get the phone working again. You will be able to do a reset on the phone by using the following steps:

  • Connect the phone to the charger. Press and hold onto the volume down key.
  • Continue holding this key and then press and hold onto the POWER key.
  • Get ready to hold onto these for the next two minutes. Then release both at the same time. 
  • When you see the Flash Boot screen, you can use the volume up key to find the Normal Reboot option.

Leave the phone plugged into the charger while you finish this and get everything updated. It could take from a few minutes to much longer to get this reboot done, but the phone should work well once it is done. 

7. The Battery is Fully Discharged

When the battery on the Motorola is completely discharged, simply adding it to your charger is not going to get it to work, and the phone will still not turn on. You can follow the following steps to turn your phone on – 

  • Let the phone rest overnight. Do not put it on charging. 
  • The next morning, plug the charger into your Motorola phone. 
  • After half an hour of charging, the phone should respond again. 

This is why it is so important not to let the battery completely die. It can make it harder to use the phone and can cause more damage to it. Therefore, when your phone is running low on battery, get it charged up to protect the device. 

8. Software Malfunction

After trying some of the other solutions and seeing that none of them work, it is time to do a factory reset. This will help get the software on the phone back to factory settings and will turn it on. The steps you can use for this include –

  • Charge the phone, so it has 25% or higher battery before you start. When it reaches this, turn the phone off. 
  • Keep the phone on charge as you press and hold onto the volume down key. 
  • Hold that key while you press the POWER key too. Hold onto both of these for two minutes before releasing. 
  • A flash boot screen will show up on the phone. Use the volume down key to find the option that says “Recovery.”
  • Click on that and then go up to find “Recovery again.”
  • You should have a robot come up with a red exclamation mark. When this is there, press on the POWER and VOL UP buttons. 
  • Use the volume down button to find “wipe data/factory reset.” Choose it with the POWER button and highlight the Yes option. 

Keep in mind that when you do a factory reset, it will do a great job at fixing the phone, but it will also delete all of the phone’s information and data, so backing up the data will help. 

Final Thoughts

When your Motorola phone stops working properly, it can seem like the phone is gone for good. Follow the steps above to get that phone back on and working well so you can get back to using it again.

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