How To Stop Android/iPhone From Casting To The TV?

Casting from your mobile device to your smart TV is a great way to watch some of your favorite movies and videos online. But when you are done, it is time to turn the casting off. So how can a user stop their Android or iPhone from casting to the TV?

To stop your Android or iPhone device from casting to the TV, you need to find the Casting icon and click on Disconnect. On the Android device, you will look for the Cast button and disconnect. On the iOS device, you will click on the Chromecast and then click on “Stop Casting.” 

When you want to use your device again and not have it cast to the TV, you will need to follow the right steps. Let’s take a closer look at how to stop your Android/iPhone from casting to the TV. 

How Do I Stop My Android Phone From Casting To My TV?

There are a lot of benefits to casting Facebook or another app on your smart TV. The process is simple and can help you watch videos and other items from your phone up to the smart TV. 

As long as you have an updated Chrome browser or a Chromecast-enabled app, you can do casting. 

But at some point, you will want to stop it and get your phone back. This will prevent it from showing items you do not want on the smart TV and will put the phone back.

To stop casting:

  1. Grab the Android device that you are using. 
  2. Select the Cast button on the device. 
  3. Click on Disconnect.

This should stop the casting so you can use your phone without having all of your information show up on the smart TV any longer. 

How Do I Stop My iPhone From Casting To My TV?

Your iPhone can also stop casting to your smart TV. The process is very similar to what we did with the Android device – it is very simple to stop casting videos on your smart TV. 

If you are streaming a video to your TV using an iOS device and you want to make the smart TV stop playing the video, the steps you will be able to use are:

  1. Get your iOS device. 
  2. Look for the Chromecast icon. This should be at the top of that iOS device. You can do this while the video is playing. 
  3. Tap on the button “Stop Casting.”

Once you finish these steps, your smart TV will stop casting the video through your iPhone. You can use the iPhone like you normally will and go back to some of the steps to start casting later if you would like this feature back again. 

How To Stop Facebook From Casting To TV?

Many users like to cast Facebook onto their smart TV. This allows them to have the control that they need on the mobile device while watching some of their favorite videos on Facebook whenever they would like. 

YouTube is another option for videos, but Facebook is growing quickly as well. For those who want to watch videos of friends and family, casting Facebook is a better option. 

To stop casting Facebook on your smart TV, you need to know which mobile device you are using. The steps are similar, but they do have a few differences that you need to know to get the casting to stop. 

For Android. If you are using an Android device, you just need to find the cast button that is usually on the top right of the device. Click on Disconnect, and the casting will stop for you. 

For iOS. If you are using an iOS device, then you just need to find the Chromecast icon that is at the top of the device. This can be done while the video is playing, or you can wait until it is done and you no longer want to watch. 

After clicking on that Chromecast icon, you need to click on “Stop Casting.” This will help to stop the casting problem so your phone will go back to normal. 

What If I Want To Start Casting Again?

You always have the freedom to start casting Facebook or other options later on if you would like. This is a simple process to go back and forth on. Just use the steps that you originally did, and your favorite Facebook videos will be able to cast on your smart TV again. 

Once you are done casting Facebook or any other app on your smart TV, you can click on a few buttons based on which device you are using to make the casting stop so your phone will go back to normal. 

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