What Does “Syncing Messages” Mean On Android/iPhone?

Mobile phones have made communication much easier. You can call or send a message to anyone you like, whenever you like. But, they aren’t immune to issues. 

Both Android and iPhone display a syncing message when background tasks are being performed. Don’t take this as an error but rather a notification that the phone is performing other tasks. 

What Does It Mean To Sync Your Messages?

The word sync is short for synchronization. When you sync your messages, it means you copy them with another device.

You can connect your Android or iPhone to a PC and sync messages.

Both devices also can sync messages to the cloud. iPhone syncs messages to iCloud while Android does it with Google. You just need to make sure the sync setting is on for that to happen and you have enough storage space available. 

What Does Syncing Messages In The Background Mean?

Sometimes your phone may display a “Synching messages temporary background processing.” This is a reminder that the mobile is performing tasks related to the remote server.

The message usually goes away after a few seconds. But if it keeps popping up, you should restart your phone.

  • Exit out of all the apps you have running.
  • Hold down the power button to turn the phone off. If you are prompted with a screen asking if you want to turn it off, hit yes or slide to the direction it asks. 
  • Give the phone some time to power off completely and then press the power button to turn it back on. 

You should no longer see the “Synching messages temporary background processing,” message. 

Should You Turn Sync On Or Off?

It depends, if you use multiple Apple or Google interface devices, in the case of Android, then keeping sync on is helpful.

It will ensure that all your devices are up to date with the latest messages, apps, and so on. 

If you prefer to keep all your messages and other things on one device then you can turn sync off. It will save you some battery life and the option is irrelevant to you since you have no additional device with which you need to sync data. 

Can Messages Be Sent To Another Phone?

Yes, you can sync messages between phones on both Android and iPhone. There are different ways to do this from the messages automatically syncing to synching them through Bluetooth. 

How To Sync Text Messages To Another Android/iPhone?

You can sync text messages from one phone to another. 

On an iPhone you can:

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Tap “Messages.”
  3. Tap “Send & Receive.”
  4. You can select which devices you want to send and receive texts from here. 

On an Android you can:

  1. Go to “Settings.”
  2. Go into your account and tap “Sync.”

On Android, you can also sync text messages to an email account for this, you can:

  1. Open “Email.”
  2. Tap the “Menu” option.
  3. Tap “Settings.”
  4. Tap “Exchange Email Address.”
  5. Tap “More.” 
  6. Select the box next to “SMS Sync.”

Final Thoughts

Synching messages makes it easier for users to receive and reply to texts from multiple devices. This means you don’t have to miss out on a text even if you aren’t next to your phone.

You can follow the methods we’ve highlighted to sync either your iPhone or Android to another device. 

I’ve been working with technology in one way or the other all my life. After graduating from university, I worked as a sales consultant for Verizon for a few years. Now I am a technical support engineer by day and write articles on my own blog here in my spare time to help others if they have any issues with their devices.